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Lo​tus Evolutions

holistic solutions for skin & Body wellness

combining topical self-care with inner body rejuvenation...

Embrace organic living

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Live Balanced & Beautiful...

We can learn a lot from the beautiful cactus as it flourishes even in the harshest conditions. It lives balanced and beautiful despite its surroundings. 

This is one of Lotus Evolutions' most integral philosophies, that we can grow and evolve from the health challenges, and the over-all challenges that we are confronted with, and that sometimes our hardships become our greatest strengths! 

What our customers are saying

I would recommend everyone to Lotus Evolutions. I've worked with Keri and she has helped me on my journey of healing multiple systems in my body that had broken down. Keri's detailed information, knowledge, intuition, diligence, compassion and her ability to specialize an individual program for my specific health needs, brought me to recovery. Keri facilitated my recovery by analyzing, observing and detecting issues with my health that I was unaware of. I'm very privileged to have worked with Keri because my recovery was made possible. --Veronica F. 

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Lotus Evolutions will always partner with the most ethically-pure companies for skin care, supplements, functional foods and metaphysical products. You can trust our judgement...

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