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“My passion for holistic living gives me an edge as a therapist. I integrate a body, mind and spirit approach to all of my service offerings.”

About Keri

Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Specialist

Keri has had nineteen years of experience in the skin aesthetic and alternative health industries. In 2020, Keri graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, obtaining her degree in Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Applications. This knowledge, combined with her solid background in skin aesthetics and alternative health, provides a synergistic combination of offerings for healthy aging and optimal wellness.

Keri’s studies and experiences are in the following: skin aesthetics; medical aesthetics; organic skin care applications; holistic nutrition, dietary theories and alternative culinary applications; colon hydrotherapy, digestive support and detoxification; the application of essential oils, enzyme nutrition; Ayurvedic principles; and Yoga.

Keri not only teaches in these modalities, she has lived them her entire adult life, having healed herself from chronic fatigue, psoriasis and digestive issues in 2010, and, more recently, her struggle and healing from debilitating anxiety disorder, Keri has applied these wonderful tools to her own life. Today, she is ready to work with you as you move towards a healing journey that leads to your own healing and transformation.

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Juice Cleansing Programs

Lotus Evolutions offers a customized approach to creating your juice cleanse. We take into account your current state of health*, lifestyle and readiness for change. Whether you are looking for a 1-day cleanse, or, prepared for a 3-day cleanse we are here to support your cleanse journey.

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Wellness Resources

Evolve Your Body…

Here, you will find products to assist you on your over-all health journey. I, Keri Berardinelli, recommend these products for their high purity and efficacy and I use these products for my own personal health. Check out some of my favorite products!

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Skin & Sauna Therapies

Evolve Your Body…

Our aesthetic treatments are clinical, effective and of high quality. The goal is to cleanse, nourish, stimulate, protect and supplement the skin with result-driven actives. Topical skin treatments will provide exceeded results and expectations when combined with a nutritional lifestyle program.

We offer the holistic-approach to skin care…

Beauty from Within…

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Body Typing

A guide to healthy nutrition and supplementation for your unique biochemical body type.

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Expert advice and in-depth features for a healthy life

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