Body Typing

Eat for your Bio-Individuality

Have you ever tried a certain diet that just didn’t work for you? You are not alone, as no one program can possibly work for everyone. And why not? Because each individual has slightly different ways of metabolizing nutrients and will need different relative amounts of these raw materials.

Body Typing is based on the work and research of Dr. DicQui Fuller, with the premise that individual body types are based on food preferences, health issues, personality traits, and bone structure. Our goal, through Body Typing, is to help you identify your unique nutritional and/or digestive needs, and to assist you to make better dietary and lifestyle choices that will positively affect your health.

Since Body Typing is a lifestyle modification system, it makes a wonderful pre-lude to, and foundation, in which to prepare the body for more advanced cleansing/detoxing. Additionally, this program is the pillar for skin rejuvenation, gut health, as well as weight management, and any other program you may be following.
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Body Type Program:

$275 and Includes:

One 60-minute Exploratory Nutritional Coaching Session

One 30-minute Coaching Session presenting your Body Type & Nutritional Program

One 30-minute Follow-Up Session (scheduled 4 weeks out)

Not included:

Healthy Gut Protocols* (prices will vary)


Additional Coaching (if needed)

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