Zyto Bio-Scan

Bio-Communication via Galvanic Skin Response

Bio-communication is part of the evolving field of energy medicine. It refers to the exchange of information between biological systems through subtle energy fields.

Galvanic Skin Response, or GSR, provides a tangible, scientific method to measure the body's response to various stimuli. Bio-communication and GSR are interrelated.

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), in essence, is a way to communicate with your body's subtle energy and physiological responses.

Wellness professionals use Zyto technology to ask better questions regarding a client's health and wellness. It is a useful health assessment tool to determine which supplements, essential oils, and therapies are most biologically coherent to an individual. In other words, what is your body asking for?

A basic scan will show which organs and body systems are showing signs of imbalances and stress, along with which lifestyle factors are driving it. This is measured as "biomarkers" that are either in or out of range.

Together, understanding what is causing your body stress, along with what your body is calling for to support it, is invaluable information to making informed wellness and lifestyle decisions.

Zyto Bio-Scan:

$90 and Includes:

Zyto Bio Wellness Scan and Zyto Bio Food Scan

A 60-minute session with guidance and support

Not included:

Any supplements, essential oils and/or therapies showing bio-coherence* (prices will vary)

Additional Coaching (if needed)

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