Rose Gold Spatula + Acupressure Tool

A Rose Gold Spatula and Acupressure Tool from Lotus Evolutions

Rose Gold Spatula + Acupressure Tool

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Benefits: A sustainable, holistic spatula designed to keep products sanitary, while also being a beneficial tool for application and self facial acupressure massage.


About This Product: A sustainable, holistic alternative to skin care spatulas. Not only does this easy-to-clean tool keep all of that dipping into jars sanitary, but the rounded end is designed for the delicate application to the eye area, along with being a powerful addition to providing facial self-acupressure massage.

Made in USA
Weight: 2 ounces
Materials: Zinc Alloy

How to Use:
Use this spatula for dipping into jars as opposed to using your fingers, preventing the progressive spoilage of natural, organic creams and serums. Use the rounded end to give yourself an acupressure massage. Benefits of facial acupressure massage include: easing stress and tension; reducing anxiety; restoring mental clarity and focus; easing headaches or TMJ; inducing better sleep; increasing energy; and improving the health and look of the skin.

How to Clean:
Spray with alcohol in between uses and wipe clean.

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