Why Choosing Pure & Organic Skin Care Matters

by Keri Berardinelli

Love the Skin You’re In

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? And your skin has so many life-sustaining functions!  Your skin is your body’s first line of defense from, well, everything! As your largest organ, your skin is responsible for keeping harmful irritants and microbes out of your system, while also guarding against UV rays, facilitating vitamin D production, as well as nitric oxide, regulating body temperature, and interacting with your environment, and so much more. With all these responsibilities and functions, it makes sense to love the skin you’re in!

Conventional Skin Care is a Disaster

 My motto is to choose your skin care the same way that you’d choose your foods – clean, organic, and nourishing. Make no mistake, conventional skin care and beautifying products are filled with hormone-disrupting, cancer-causing chemicals. These chemicals make their way into our bodies via the skin and airways and overtime contribute to an array of health issues. Have you ever heard the term, “Are toxins making you fat?” This is because they are!  Why? Because your body has to detoxify all toxins that you come into contact with, which is a lot these days. It is the job of the liver to neutralize toxins to then be eliminated, but what happens, especially in combination with a poor diet, it becomes increasingly difficult for the liver to do its job efficiently. It becomes overburdened and nutrient starved! So, what happens? Your body begins to accumulate and store these toxins in fat tissue which then disturbs your entire metabolic functioning and hormonal balance.  Your beautifying products become a paradox against any common sense because frankly, they’re not making anyone more beautiful over time.

Organic Beauty is the New Philosophy

The new philosophy of skin care is that your skin care products are an extension of a healthy diet. Pure and organic oils and botanicals not only beautify and rejuvenate your skin, but they also improve your health and well-being overall. Organic and pure botanicals will offer the body the opportunity to heal and regenerate all body systems. Here is a list of systemic health benefits when you choose organic and pure skin care products:

  • Pure skin care products will support a healthy gut microbiome (equals less breakouts).
  • Pure skin care products will support a healthy skin microbiome (equals less breakouts).
  • Pure skin care products will support healthy, well-nourished & hydrated skin.
  • Pure skin care products will take some of the toxic burden off the liver.
  • Pure skin care products will support a healthy immune system.
  • Pure skin care products will naturally protect and regenerate your skin before and after sun exposure.
  • Pure skin care products will not disrupt your hormones.
  • Pure skin care products will have a positive impact on stress and emotions through the power of essential oils and aromatherapy.
  • Pure skin care products will support the detoxification of the body and skin.

Over time your skin will look and function better once you make the switch from toxic to pure skin care products. You will see faster results when you pay attention to eating a wholesome, detoxifying diet that is rich in organic vegetables, fruits and healthy fats like olive oil, avocado and cold-water fish, such as salmon and sardines. I recommend to remove ALL unhealthy, toxic fats from your diet as these foods will age you in a hurry. As an example, foods that contain “hydrogenated”, or “partially-hydrogenated” oils are a no-no to healthy, vibrant skin, and in fact, will contribute to sun damage and unsightly "age spots".

Concluding Thoughts:

To recap your skin is an extension of your whole body, and it is a mirror into the health of your entire being – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Using toxic, chemically laden skin care products only puts an additional burden on all of your body systems. These “beautifying” concoctions are not so beautifying in the long run. Opting for pure and organic skin care products is the new philosophy of health and wellness. When you combine this with a healthy, sustainable diet your results are endless.