The Amazing Benefits of Guasha

by Keri Berardinelli
What is Guasha?


Guasha is an ancient healing modality for releasing stagnant energy and toxicity from the body.  Having its origins in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) guasha literally means "to scrape or rub wind" - the element of wind, according to TCM, represents toxicity, imbalance, and disease within the body.

Guasha is a form of skin scraping and was traditionally performed with wooden spoons or combs, but today you will find many other materials being used, such as crystals or stainless steel. Seemingly, both rose quartz and jade crystal are popular stones used in making guasha tools.

Guasha can be described as a deep tissue massage and it is both profoundly relaxing and effective. It can be done over the entire body, but it has become increasingly popular for its use on the neck and face for its anti-aging and "lifting" effects. While this is true, I will delve deeper to list and describe the many amazing benefits of guasha massage.


  • promotes blood circulation
    • increased blood circulation nourishes and oxygenates the skin
  • promotes lymphatic drainage
    • eliminating fluid build-up results in less puffiness, hence, accentuation of bone structure
  • improves fine lines and wrinkles
    • encourages the deep relaxation of neck and facial muscles resulting in less facial tension that encourage the expression of frowning - face appears more relaxed and youthful - an excellent Botox alternative with none of the risks
  • relieves anxiety
    •  many people are astounded by the calmness they feel during and following a guasha massage
  • relieves sinus pressure
    •  cleansing action releases toxicity build-up

Although guasha is best performed by a licensed practitioner, it is a practice that can be implemented at home with a bit of coaching and practice. Its worth learning, as you'll want to receive the cumulative benefits of guasha massage by doing it regularly. Regular guasha will give you a feeling of inner peace and relaxation. It will also give you a more youthful and relaxed appearance with less frowning, along with clearer, more vibrant skin. Guasha is truly a holistic and effective approach to skin care with no negative side-effects or potential ill-effects to your health. Last, but not least, it is affordable.