“All Disease Beings in the Gut” – Hippocrates

What is ION* Gut Support?


ION stands for “Intelligence of Nature”. Founded and created based on the research of Dr. Zach Bush, M.D., ION* supplements are a revolutionary approach to gut-brain-skin health. Dr. Zach believes that nature has the answers, as nature effortlessly connects and communicates to ensure that all living things are balanced and efficient.

One aspect of nature’s innate ability to communicate is the microbiome. The microbiome is a microscopic collection of bacteria, fungi, viruses, even parasites that exists on and within each of us. The microbiome is what helps facilitate communication and connection between us and the natural world. As crazy as it sounds, our gut microbiome communicates with our skin microbiome and vice versa. Our microbiome assists with food digestion, immune system function, and is the producer of essential vitamins and neurotransmitters that regulate and affect our moods and how we feel. In other words, the integrity of your microbiome is foundational to your health.


  1. What is ION* Gut Support? ION* Gut Support is a liquid health supplement that goes beyond probiotics, helping to support tight junction integrity and diversify your microbiome the natural way. It is soil-derived and U.S. sourced. Its active ingredient, “humic extract” (from ancient soil) is naturally rich in a variety of trace minerals and amino acids. ION* Gut Support is not bacteria; it’s a family of molecules made by bacteria. 
  2. What does ION* Gut Support do? ION* Gut Support strengthens tight junction integrity at the gut lining, which protects the immune and neurologic systems and regulates the delivery of water and nutrients to the body’s cells. Further, it is unique in that it naturally enhances the diversity of your individual microbiome. It works as a communication network that gives our bodies the tools to create their own bacterial ecosystem again – that ecosystem what has been wiped out by environmental toxins such as antibiotics and pesticides. Without the communication network, there will always be microbiome imbalances. 
  3. Why should I be taking ION* Gut Support? Currently, 80% of the population suffers from gas, bloating, indigestion, and heart burn, all stemming from poor gut health. Given the number of symptoms, conditions, and diseases, poor gut health contributes to systemic inflammation and compromised immune function making it very clear why maintaining gut health is so important. So why do we suddenly need help maintaining our gut health? To start, overprescribed antibiotics, antibiotics used in factory farming, glyphosate damage, and the lost connection with our environment, our microbiome is not thriving as it should, and neither are we. ION* Gut Support takes a holistic approach and helps maintain the strength of our immune system to create an environment that supports total body and mind health. 
  4. What does ION* Gut Support have to do with my skin? Simple answer: by combatting inflammation, modulating immune response, supporting delivery of water and nutrients into cells, and supporting lysine production (a precursor to collagen formation) ION* Gut Support works to beautify from the inside out. 
  5. What are tight junctions? Tight junctions are the seals between cells which help to create a defensive barrier in the epithelial layer of your gut lining. Your skin is also made of tight junctions. They function to keep toxins and foreign particles out of the bloodstream while also allowing nutrients to enter. Tight junction integrity is at the foundation of health. 

Do you have additional questions about ION* Gut Support?  Please contact us at: keri@lotusevolutions.com

 ION* Skin Support Spray…coming soon…