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Welcome to Lotus Evolutions’ wellness resource page! Here, you will find products and wellness bundles to assist you in living your best life! I, Keri Berardinelli, recommend these products for their high purity and efficacy and I use them personally. Check out some of my favorite products.

Scout & Cellar Wines

Clean, Organic Wine (No Additives, Low Sugar)

We, at Lotus Evolutions, love our organic, cold-pressed juices, but we also love our organic, clean wines. We love them for their antioxidants and probiotics. We also love them for their grounding, earth energy and celebration to be shared with family and friends. Taste and feel the difference with Scout & Cellar Wines.

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YL Everyday Oils

Everyday oils is a great introduction to the many benefits of Young Living’s 10 most popular essential oils. The oils and blends in this select collection provide ongoing support of your home, health, and body.

Includes Essential Oils: Frankincense 5ml, Lavender 5ml, Lemon Vitality 5ml, Peppermint Vitality 5ml, Tea Tree 5ml.

Includes Essential Blends: Joy 5ml, PanAway 5ml, Purification 5ml, Stress Away 5ml, Thieves Vitality 5ml

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YL Premium Starter Bundle

The Premium Starter Bundle with Aria Diffuser is your introduction to a new lifestyle free from harsh chemicals. Get ready to experience some of Young Living’s most popular products and discover the power of nature’s living energy-essential oils.

Includes: Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser, Frankincense 5ml, Lavender 5ml, Lemon Vitality 5ml, Peppermint Vitality 5ml, Citrus Fresh 5ml, DiGize 5ml, Thieves Vitality 5ml, PanAway 5ml, Peace & Calming 5ml, Raven 5ml, Stress Away 5ml, Valor 5ml, Thieves Spray, 10 Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer Sachets, 2 Ninxia Red Singles, 2 Aromaglide Rollers, and plenty of reading material to get you started on your new journey.

Clean Living Journey at the Best Value

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Glow NV Serum

by Nourish with Viktoria

Glow NV Serum is a favorite of Lotus Evolutions, LLC. The nourishing oils that base this oil are nutrient-rich and full of antioxidants. It is the perfect facial oil for anti-aging and dry/dehydrated skin types. The scent of this oil is luxurious with the infusion of organic, essential oils.

You can find this oil in our professional treatment room. You can also buy direct, from Nourish with Viktoria.

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