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Lo​tus Evolutions

holistic solutions for skin & Body wellness

Launch Facial

Summer's Raspberry Peach Anti-Aging Facial

This is our launch facial that is well-suited for all skin types. Incorporating the antioxidant benefits of raspberries and peach, this treatment also incorporates pumpkin enzymes and hibiscus flower to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin, maintaining skin’s elasticity and support. All clients receiving this treatment, will be given a complimentary recipe card and nutritional profile to utilize one of the skin’s most perfect foods, the raspberry fruit. 

  Our concept is topical self-care with inner body rejuvenation! 

This facial includes a relaxing elemental reflexology massage. 

Introductory Rate: $65/hr.


Nutritional Consultation - offering targeted nutrition intervention to support your unique skin type and conditions. Intro Rate: $25/30 minutes

This Intro Rate is only valid for facial clients.

Eyebrow Clean-Up and Tweeze $10

additional essential services

Nutritional Consultation $85/hr.

We work with our clients who are seeking change in their skin from a holistic point-of- view and are willing to be empowered utilizing an effective organic lifestyle and nutritional intervention plan. We will discuss diet, stress reduction techniques, and various methods of cleansing the body. Positive side-effects include: skin healing, skin vitality, weight loss, improved energy and stamina, better sleep, improved threshold for stress, improved cognition and clarity of thought, improved gut function, heightened immune function and an over-all improvement in one’s health. 

Lotus' Full Body Cleansing Program

Combining: The Elimination Diet with Nutrient-Dense Functional Foods and Cleansing Herbs

From $380 and up...inquire within

A $50 gift card will be given to all new clients. 

Elemental Reflexology $75/hr.

Elemental reflexology follows Ayurvedic principles and is a method for relieving energetic congestion and to allow the body’s energy to flow freely. Protocols focus on the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether in relation to the body’s organs and systems. You will feel energized, yet relaxed, after an hour treatment. 

Ear Candling:

Keep lymph moving in the facial and head regions and free the sinuses with ear candling. Note: suggested for acneic and problematic skin types

2 Candles - $25

4 Candles - $50

Derma Plane Facial $105

Dermaplaning is a method of skin exfoliation and rejuvenation, with the well-appreciated side effect of eliminating ‘vellus’ hair on the face, which reveals a more refined appearance, especially with the application of make-up. 

Microdermabrasion (coming soon)

Skin Peels (coming soon) 

We also educate our clients on the benefits of Coffee Enemas and Neti Pot, both integral to inner body rejuvenation.