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 The season of spring brings forth new growth and regeneration, making it the perfect time to cleanse our bodies and rejuvenate our skin. This spring season, we are offering 20% off a customized infrared sauna and deep cleansing facial in support of spring’s natural renewal cycles.

If you need more information about the infrared sauna, and how it differs from traditional Finnish saunas, click here.



Spring Renewal Special – 20% OFF! 

Full-Spectrum Sauna + Customized Facial Duo*

  • 30-Minute Customized Sauna Session
  • Customized Facial

This special is for NEW and EXISTING clients!

If you’re a new client be sure to schedule the “Lotus New Client Facial” which includes a skin consultation, customized facial, and a take-home “goodie” bag.

Expiration: 06/20/22

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*Prices will vary.

Introducing Desert Love Facial Oil…Coming Soon!

Desert-Optimized Skin Care by Lotus Evolutions.