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holistic solutions for skin & Body wellness

Anxiety Coaching & Stress Reduction

You don't have to navigate over-coming stress, anxiety and anxiety disorder alone. Partner with someone who understands, not only in theory, but by personal experience and research. I have developed a 3-Core Mind Solution Program, which I call S.U.N. (Source, Understanding and Nutrition); a program to overcome stress, anxiety and anxiety disorder naturally, which I describe here in my video. 

Anxiety Coaching with S.U.N. (virtual conferencing) 

S.U.N. is a combination of Lifestyle and Nutritional Coaching to achieve life-changing results from chronic stress, anxiety and anxiety disorder. The S.U.N. program is a 42-day program entailing 6 weekly, 60-minute, sessions, that are conducted via virtual Zoom Conference. 

Anxiety Coaching with S.U.N. Program:

6 Sessions (Includes Targeted Nutritional Menu*): $680

Individual Sessions $95

20-Minute Introductory Session: FREE

*What is "targeted nutrition"?  Targeted Nutrition is the science of choosing and eating foods as medicine, for their key nutrients to balancing and healing. 

Payment plans are available...

Learn About Anxiety and S.U.N.