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  • ION* Gut Support


    “ION* Gut Support”

    Benefits: Supports “tight junction” integrity of the gut lining and offers a strong terrain for microbiome diversity. Beautifies the skin from the inside out by combatting inflammation, modulating immune response, supporting delivery of water and nutrients into cells, and supporting the production of lysine (a precursor to collagen formation).
    Favorable For: Everyone – including children, pets, and plants
    Key Ingredients: “Humic Extract”
    Size: 8 ounces

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  • The Healthy Gut Program

    “Health Begins in the Gut”

    Benefits: Supports healthy digestion, circulation, immunity, detoxification, and elimination
    1-Month Supply
    Includes: Digest (90 caps), Protease (60 caps), and Probiotic (30 caps)

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