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Treat Rosacea with a Focus on Gut Health and Nutrition

written by Keri Berardinelli, Holistic Nutritionist, Licensed Aesthetician and Detox Therapist

April 23, 2020

Rosacea is a skin condition that is treated medically, as well as, aesthetically, in many medical offices, spas and beauty salons alike. Estheticians will approach this condition with topical preparations only, as there have been many skin care lines dedicated to the Rosacea skin condition, all promoting soothing and healing actives on the skin’s surface in the form of professional in-spa treatments and home-care products. This type of approach, within the beauty industry, is rarely effective for the long-term. This is because the condition runs much deeper than a sole, topical skin issue, as its origin stems from a systemic imbalance that requires attention to the body as a whole, rather than just to its parts. It’s been stated that all disease starts in the gut and now science recognizes the gut’s role in the manifestation of skin disorders, such as Rosacea.

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Healing Naturally from Anxiety with Nutrition

written by Keri Berardinelli, Holistic Nutritionist, Licensed Aesthetician and Detox Therapist

June 9, 2020

 Anxiety is a feeling that we are all familiar with. Perhaps we get anxious before speaking publicly, experiencing sensations such as dry mouth, sweaty palms, pounding heart, weakness in the legs, light-headedness, stomach upset, with a slew of other various symptoms; yet, these symptoms will typically quickly disappear after the distress of the situation disappears. The body will, automatically, adapt from a stress response to a state of homeostasis, but what if the stress response was on a constant high alert everyday and at every moment, to the point that sitting at a stop light would bring about feelings and sensations of ‘flight or fight’ and panic? This is the level of anxiety that has been coined the term, “anxiety disorder”. Anxiety disorder is a level of anxiety that brings you to the brink of death, and as dramatic as this sounds, it is the intensity and frequency of the symptoms and sensations that are just too random to be ignored, so often people believe that they're having heart attacks, or about to pass out, etc. and they make a trip to the emergency room only to be told that nothing is wrong. This is the level of anxiety that I’m conveying with you. It is anxiety that, on a physiological level, has been created by an over-stimulated nervous system that has reached its full stress- threshold. Once your nervous system has gotten to this point of hyper-stimulation, you begin reacting to everyday living. The good news is, you’re not going crazy and once reaching this level of anxiety, your body is able to naturally heal if given the right tools. Targeted nutrition is one of these essential tools for healing. 

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Dealing with Adult Acne Holistically

Maintaining Balance in an Imbalanced World

By Keri Berardinelli, Holistic Nutritionist, Licensed Aesthetician and detox Therapist

June 20, 2020

Adult acne appears to be on the rise, as I've been seeing this condition more and more in the treatment room. Partly, the reason for this increase, is due to the mandated use of face masks in the workplace, especially those working in the healthcare industry.  According to a recent article in the New York Times, they're calling this new form of acne, 'Maskne', acne that results from wearing a face mask.[4] Face masks harbor moisture and reduce oxygenation of the skin, resulting in a perfect breeding ground for the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and although most of the articles target what to do, or not do, topically, and on a surface level, many do not delve into the inner terrain of the body. There are underlying factors that are major contributors to the development of acne in susceptible individuals and will be discussed in this article as a means to address acne on a more holistic level.  

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