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Anxiety is a Root Chakra Imbalance 

August 25, 2019

The root chakra, or base chakra, that sits at the sacrum, is the first chakra to be developed when we enter this world, when we are born. It is at the time of birth that we are learning to feel safe and secure in this world by the actions of our caregivers. This chakra will continue to develop as we enter into our toddler years. 

Navigating through this world, gaining in our experiences and 'life lessons' will either strengthen or weaken this chakra.  It is important to remember that the root chakra is the energy center that governs fear and insecurity; fear and feeling unsafe in your environment, in this world, in general, as well as, in your own body. The root chakra governs our feelings and perceptions of our ability to take care of ourselves in this world, without the reliance of others. 

For starters, the root chakra represents our connection and relationship with finances, so this is the chakra that manages our financial wellness, which is a part of our overall wellness.  A "dis-eased" state of working with money will create much unwanted stress in one's life.  This emotional and mental stress will start as an etheric imbalance, but eventually, it will affect the physical realm of your body and symptoms will start to manifest, such as, anxiety and depression.

The root chakra also represents relationship, to self and others. Relationships, especially intimate relationships that are abusive either mentally emotionally and/or physically, will also create imbalance of the root chakra, as abuse of any kind creates distrust of the world-- distrust of others and of self; distrust of self, due to the action of removing yourself from an abusive relationship. It takes courage and trust of uncertainty and the deep inner belief that you are capable of making things happen...which you are!  

Most of us do not realize, nor can we perceive, the power that resides within us, but it is there, believe me.  In conclusion, it is important to take note that the physical manifestation of anxiety and depression can stem from a much deeper issue. Anxiety and depression do not show up without a causative factor and that factor needs to be delved into. This is why anxiety and depression will never be cured with drugs.  Diet and supplementation serve as a foundation to healing and raising one's vibration in order to face the deeper issue, but even diet and supplementation have its limits to a full recovery-- without looking at the deeper, core issues of past trauma, behavior and choices.  

Healing will happen with patience and a willingness to do your own work!  Healing is a personal matter that has nothing to do with outside influences. Outside influences can serve as the loving support and guidance that we all need, but it is truly within you, as you hold the key to a complete recovery.  

The light in me recognizes the light in you...


Keri Berardinelli

Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Nutrition Coach

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