Infrared Sauna for Anti-Aging, Detoxification, Heart Health, Immune Support, Muscle Recovery, Stress Reduction, & Weight Loss.

Lotus Evolutions is offering infrared sauna therapy to enhance and support our nutritional coaching, holistic skin care and juice cleansing programs and services. We view the body holistically, combining inner nutrition with effective cleansing and detoxification therapies to empower our clients to take control of their own wellness, performance and health.

Our Sunlighten mPulse Infrared Sauna offers customized wellness support. Whether your body needs anti-aging skin support, muscle recovery, pain relief, or detoxification, we program each session to best suit your wellness needs.

Our sauna is equipped with chromotherapy lighting to enhance your experience using colors frim the sun’s visible light spectrum to bring balance and mental well-being.

Infrared Sauna Menu


20-minute Sauna $30 (suggested time for new clients)
30-minute Sauna $45 (standard time)
45-minute Sauna $60 (advanced time)

For Couples

20-minute Sauna $45
30-minute Sauna $65
45-minute Sauna $90

Sauna Packages

4-Pack 30-min Sauna $168
6-Pack 30-min Sauna $240
10-Pack 30-min Sauna $390

Sauna Packages for Couples

4-Pack 30-min Sauna $252
6-Pack 30-min Sauna $360
10-Pack 30-min Sauna $585

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