You Are What You Eat & Absorb

Healthy food choices are a great start to promoting health; however, this represents just the first step. To benefit from all the nutritious components of our foods, a healthy digestive system is needed. Today, dozens of factors including genetics, stressful lifestyles, poor diet, processed foods, and environmental toxins all influence digestion. Supplementing a healthy diet and lifestyle with digestive enzymes is the next step in health. With the proper support and breakdown of food into simple nutrients, the body can then assimilate these for energy, growth, and repair.

There are three main classes of enzymes:

  1. Proteolytic Enzymes support the digestion of proteins for reduced risk of food sensitivities, toxins, and free-radicals*.
  2. Lipolytic Enzymes encourage more complete digestion of fats and lipids to support pancreas, liver, and gall bladder health and wellness*.
  3. Polysaccharolytic Enzymes support the digestion of carbohydrates for reduced food intolerances and relief from occasional indigestion and gas*. 

Digestive enzymes not only take stress off of the digestive organs, they also reduce oxidative stress. Health benefits include:

  • digestion without discomfort or bloat
  • maximum metabolism and energy production
  • immune system support
  • reduced food intolerances
  • support to all of the body’s organs and systems 




Protease IFC for Supportive Skin Rejuvenation & Healing


  • Contains skin-supportive nutrients: Vitamins A, C, E; Zinc, and Selenium
  • Contains potent antioxidants: Grape Seed, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Rose Hips, Quercetin, L-glutithione, CoQ10, Green Tea, Kelp
  • Contains immune-supportive herbs: Turmeric, Irish Moss
  • Contains Protease Enzymes






The Healthy Gut Program


  • Includes a one-month supply at normal usage:
  • Digest (90 caps)
  • Protease (60 caps)
  • Probiotic (30 caps)

Digest –  Enzyme support for a healthy digestive system

Protease – Supports healthy circulation, immunity, and elimination 

Probiotic – Supports digestion for a healthy intestinal balance

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