...Transformational Lifestyle Coaching Trough Nutrition and Ayurveda ‚Äč

Energetics of Food and Lifestyle

Namaste Friends!  One thing that I've learned personally in my life is that HEALTH is our best WEALTH and life without our health is not as much fun as it should be.  Life it meant to be enjoyed;  however, it is also meant to teach us valuable lessons and sometimes tough lessons manifest as physical, mental or emotional "dis-ease". 

My approach is to support YOU in getting to the root cause of what is creating the imbalance in you. Diet is the foundation to all healing paths, so I like to start with foods first to determine which foods will support and nourish you to improved and optimal health. My focus is on "high-vibratory" foods, which you will learn about during our coaching sessions together. 

The next step is to address how you manage stress and conflict in your life.  Managing stress and developing healthy habits of self-care, as well as, boundaries, are significantly crucial to your self-development and growth, on a holistic level, as this helps to evolve YOU on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  For some, this is when true transformation and healing begins to set in.  My focus here is to raise one's vibration through their everyday self-care. -

The last step is to comb through your current life.  Where, in your life, is there room for change? Where is there room for improvement?  What is your purpose in this life?  What motivates you and brings you ultimate happiness?  I like to call this piece of the healing journey the "foods that feed the spirit", as these foods are quite powerful in support of, or the decline in, our health.  I will support you in discovering your authentic self, providing you with the encouragement to live your best life for YOU!  My focus here is to raise one's vibration through their everyday thoughts and actions. 

As your wellness practitioner and nutrition coach, it is my goal and passion to help you through this process of: AWARENESS, DESIRE FOR CHANGE, ACTION AND TRANSFORMATION IMPLEMENTING NUTRITION, EDUCATION, TOOLS AND POWERFUL APPROACHES TO COACHING. 


I work with clients who:

  • Are women and have chronic anxiety, stress and "burn out".  Women who are juggling (and struggling) raising a family, career or business. 
  • Desire to release weight or gain weight 
  • Struggle with IBS/Digestive Issues (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Have the need and/or desire to cleanse and detox their bodies safely and effectively.
  • Have recently received a diagnosis from their doctor and have been advised to implement changes in their diet  and lifestyle in support of their diagnosis. 

You can learn more about my philosophy by watching the video below... 

Keri's Wellness Philosophy

Keri shares a brief introduction of her experience and understanding of the health warrior's journey towards inner transformation and true healing.