About Keri

Holistic Aesthetician & Certified Nutrition Specialist

Senior Technician

Keri has had twenty years of experience in the skin aesthetic and alternative health industries. In 2020, Keri graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, obtaining her degree in Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Applications. This knowledge, combined with her solid background in skin aesthetics and alternative health, provides a synergistic combination of offerings for healthy aging and optimal wellness.

Keri’s studies and experiences are in the following: skin aesthetics; medical aesthetics; organic skin care applications; holistic nutrition, dietary theories and alternative culinary applications; colon hydrotherapy, digestive support and detoxification; the application of essential oils, enzyme nutrition; Ayurvedic principles; and Yoga.

Keri not only teaches in these modalities, she has lived them her entire adult life, having healed herself from psoriasis and digestive issues in 2010, and, more recently, her struggle and healing from debilitating anxiety disorder, Keri has applied these wonderful tools to her own life. Today, she is ready to work with you as you move towards a more holistic life that leads to your own healing and transformation.

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About Alexandra

Licensed Aesthetician & Wellness Consultant

Junior Technician

My name is Alexandra Cuellar and I’m a Licensed Aesthetician and Wellness Consultant. I’ve always had a passion for science and natural health. I get excited when I think about the ways in which we can “biohack” our bodies to receive the best outcomes in health and anti-aging.

It is my intention to incorporate inner health into my topical skin treatments to bring out the true beauty that is within every one of us.

Wherever you’re at in your wellness journey I will strive to provide a judgmental-free service, meeting you where you are with your needs and concerns as top priority.

I am here to support your progress; improve your image and I will always give you the best service.

~habla me en espanol!

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About Chad

Professional Juicer & Lifestyle Consultant

Having worked in the public affairs arena over twenty years, Chad Binder was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. After meeting Keri in 2020, she inspired him to do better. Together, they started Lotus Evolutions because they truly want to provide an avenue to help people with their own positive lifestyle changes.

Chad’s story is typical. Even though he had once had an active lifestyle, it became too easy to just order delivery or get fast food drive-through. He found himself overweight, lacking energy and on medication to lower cholesterol. Keri helped him make some adjustments and bring a little more consistency to his lifestyle. Fast forward to today, and Chad is no longer on medication, looks better, feels better and is enjoying life more. His biggest issue now is most of his clothes are too large and don’t fit him!

Chad spends a great deal of time working behind the scenes at Lotus Evolutions. He oversees the cold-pressed juice production and is a Certified Food Protection Manager. Chad also likes to think of himself as the Chief Inspirational Officer. He’s happy to share with others how biohacking works – essentially, a few simple choices, adjustments and quality products that are helping him can help your anti-aging efforts too.

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