30-Day Jumpstart to Wellness & Weight-Loss

This program is not a diet. It's a personal reset that leads to health, vitality, and the release of excess weight naturally.

It's a complete lifestyle change that addresses nutrition, detoxification and the reprogramming of subconscious limited beliefs that sabotage success.

If you're seeking to feel amazing as well as look amazing then you are on the right track. Healthy vibrant skin, nails, and hair, improved sleep patterns, more energy and confidence, reduced inflammation, improved digestion and elimination are of the many benefits of being on this program.

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Love your body and eat joyfully.

- anonymous-

The Truth is "Fad" Diets Never Work

"Your eating habits and relationship with food is deeply rooted."

Most diets fail because deep-rooted habits and beliefs around food prevent true behavioral change from happening. Inevitably, ingrained habits will return you to your "safe" old eating patterns once the excitement of a new diet wears away.

In order to change fixed behavioral patterns, we must go where they live...in your subconscious mind. By re-programming the subconscious, we can help you release limited beliefs that are keeping you stuck and unsuccessful in releasing weight. and obtaining your most optimal health and life.

We combine subconscious re-programming with the foundational knowledge of nutrition, hydration, intuitive and mindful eating, and detoxification to bring you all the tools needed for a complete lifestyle renewal.

A holistic path to releasing weight treats the root causes and not just its symptoms. It encompasses body, soul, and spirit which results in long-lasting change and ultimately gradual and on-going transformation.

Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional coaching is paramount for the education, support, and accountability to make successful dietary changes.

Our weekly one-on-one sessions will cover the tenets upon which optimal health and lasting permanent weight loss are built. These principles will be broken down into weekly focal topics for education and discussion. For those who need structure to their new lifestyle, handouts and guidelines will be given to support you for the up-coming week.

You will begin to learn that it's doable to be health conscious and eat out in restaurants, attend social gatherings, and that travel is easier than you would have guessed as long as you plan ahead. The overall goal is to focus, not on weight-loss and counting calories and fat grams, but on feeling amazing - loving yourself and making choices centered around wellness. Once you begin to feel amazing and look amazing, it will be easy to motivate yourself to keep going.

The Importance of Whole Foods & Detoxification

In week one, we will focus on whole foods, detoxification, food sensitivities, and how to support the detoxification process and the release of weight.

The Importance of Stress Reduction and Conscious Eating

In week three, we will explore what kind of eater you are and how stress impacts the digestive processes. We will define the basic concepts of conscious eating.

The Importance of Water and Enzymes

In week two, we will discuss water benefits, water sources, enhancing water for bioavailability, juicing for hydration and the role of enzymes for complete digestion.

The Importance of Movement

In week four, we will discuss movement and the lymphatic system; weight training versus cardiovascular movement, and the benefits of yoga and moving for enjoyment.

True Change Happens on a Soul Level

"Now that you have the foundations on which to build a healthy diet, you need to give yourself on-going self-care and love."

Diet is the basis for a healthy life, but self-care does not end around diet. It is essential that we nurture ourselves with healthy environments, healthy relationships, and a healthy attitude in order to be successful long-term. Feed your long-term success on a soul level.


Hypnotherapy can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviors.

Hypnosis can be more effective than diet and exercise alone in releasing weight. The mind can be reprogrammed to change habits like overeating. Hypnosis can also aid in stopping any self-sabotaging behaviors.

Hypnotherapy is used to induce a trance-like state in which you are calm and relaxed and are open to suggestions. It is usually done with the help of a therapist using verbal repetition and mental images.

It is important to know that although you're more open to suggestions during hypnosis, you don't lose control and you're fully aware of what is going on around you.

Let's Get Started! Transforming Negative Beliefs

In week one, we will explore your subconscious limiting beliefs. Limiting core beliefs are often rooted in past trauma. This can include unhealthy family dynamics, abuse, abandonment, neglect, etc. These core beliefs get reinforced through repeated experiences.

Love Your Body and Prioritize Self-Care

In week three, we will begin to set you up for sustained success by making positive decisions for your body. When you love your amazing body right now, in the present, your lifestyle choices will begin to reflect this.

Reprogram Your Subconscious for Weight Release

In week two, we will begin reprogramming your brain to love the foods and the exercise that are most beneficial for your unique body, and change self-sabotaging behavior. The most common self-sabotaging behaviors include procrastination, and self-soothing with carbs, sugar, drugs, or alcohol.

Manifesting Your Ideal Weight - Feel Amazing and Look Amazing!

In week four, you will learn how to visualize and manifest the release of weight in a way that honors the healthiest version of your unique body. Prepare to feel and look amazing!

30-Day Jumpstart to Now!

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Integrating Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed juices are the perfect supplement to any wellness program. Cold-pressed juices using organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs are 100% raw containing a concentrated dose of enzymes, probiotics, soluble fibers, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. In every bottle there's over a pound of fresh produce. You will not find this level of quality on any grocery store shelf.

This program includes eighteen bottles of cold-pressed juices and you can supplement your juices in a few different ways:

  1. Implement cold-pressed juice throughout the week in combination with your healthy eating plan; or
  2. Implement a full day of drinking solely cold-pressed juices - 1-day juice cleanse; or
  3. At the end of your program, incorporate a 3-day juice cleanse.

Your first six juices will be available for pick-up starting on the Saturday prior to week 2 of your program and will continue through to week 4.

Pick up will be at the following address:
41640 W. Smith-Enke Rd, Suite 109

(Hours for pick-up are between 10 am and 12 pm.)


30-Day Program

What's Included:

Nutritional Coaching

60-minute sessions scheduled once per week


60-minute sessions scheduled once per week

18 Bottles of Organic Cold-Pressed Juice

To be used as a daily nutritive supplement or cleansing protocol

Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

Evolve Your Body Facebook group will provide community and support to keep you motivated

Our Upgrades

You can choose from six of our upgrades (at an additional cost) to assist in further supporting you while on the journey to improved wellness.

Infrared Sauna

The sun emits a wide range of light, most of which is invisible. "Infrared" is the invisible light spectrum that our bodies (and plants) respond favorable to for warmth, energy production, and repair. Within the infrared spectrum there are three classes of infrared which each do something beautifully unique to our bodies and nature.

  • Far infrared is great for detoxification, hearth health, weight-loss, immune function, relaxation, and muscle recovery.
  • Mid infrared reduced pain and inflammation in soft tissue such as muscle, tendons, bones, and joints.
  • Near infrared supports healthy aging as it increases collagen, recharges mitochondria, and regenerates cells.

A standard session time is 30 minutes.

Bio feedback

The Genius Biofeedback System is a method of energetic testing and harmonizing of the human body.

Personalized frequencies will be generated based on voice analysis, a picture of yourself, and your birth date.

You'll instantly find the areas in your body, your energy centers, and the emotions that are in need of balance.

The Genius Biofeedback System simply improves your body's OWN innate ability to heal itself.

A standard session time is 30 minutes.

Ionic Foot Cleanse

The ionic foot cleanse is a foot bath that cleanses, balances and enhances bio-energy - in Chinese Medicine this is known as "Chi". The complex energy fields permeate and realign the body's energy field while improving oxygenation of the body.

Since the ionic foot cleanse can also assist the body in ridding itself of toxins, it is an excellent treatment resulting in less fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, a stronger immune system and significant pain reduction.

A standard session time is 30 minutes.

Enzyme Nutrition

You are not only what you eat, but what you absorb and utilize for repair and growth.

Enzymes are protein catalysts responsible for all bodily functions, including digestion. Since there are a variety of factors that inhibit enzyme activity, such as age, stress, medications, exposure to toxins, etc., supplemental enzymes ensures the proper absorption and nourishment from the foods we eat, which consequently can prevent food cravings.

For problematic digestion the Healthy Gut Program is suggested. (30-day supply)

Body Typing

Each of the four body types relate to a specific gland of the endocrine system; and, have distinctive characteristics, such as: body shape, food preferences, digestive weaknesses, health concerns and health behaviors.

The goal through Body Typing is to identify each individual's unique nutritional and digestive needs to assist in making better dietary and lifestyle choices based on bio-individuality.

Body Typing makes a wonderful follow-up to any cleansing or wellness program as it provides balance in one's diet and acts as a training guide towards intuitive eating.

Body Typing Program includes:

  • 60-minute preliminary health coaching
  • 30-minute session presenting your body type and protocol
  • 30-minute follow-up scheduled out 4 weeks

Holistic Facial

Making positive changes to diet and lifestyle can greatly impact the skin. The skin may begin to exhibit signs of internal detoxification and/or it may begin to glow more radiantly from improved lifestyle choices.

Now is the perfect time to receive professional skin treatments with organic skin care that will detoxify, balance, and nourish the skin in support of a renewed diet and lifestyle.

A facial treatment is also very relaxing for body and soul. Take your self-care to the next level!

All new clients will receive a consultation and take-home goodie bag.

Optimal wellness in not a destination, but a journey.

Keri Berardinelli, HN, LA, CT

About Us

Lotus Evolutions Juicery & Spa was founded by Keri Berardinelli in 2019 - a concept and vision for improved community access to nutrition and wellness services with the integration of traditional med spa services such as facials and massage.

Lotus Evolutions' mission is to nourish and cleanse the community physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through a process of holistic transformation, which encompasses the following: complete bio-individual nutrition, detoxification support, stress reduction and effective anti-aging.

In 2021, Keri's partner in life, Chad Binder, joined the company's vision after experiencing improved health and weight-loss by aligning himself with Keri's lifestyle. Currently, Chad manages the entire cold-pressed juice operation, from choosing organic produce, interacting with AZ co-ops and farmers, to pressing the juice for consumption.

In February 2022 Lotus Evolutions found its humble beginnings and initial location at 41640 W. Smith-Enke Rd., Suite 9, Maricopa, AZ 85138.

Meet Keri

Keri is the founder and co-owner of Lotus Evolutions, LLC and Lotus Evolutions Juicery & Spa, located in Maricopa, AZ.

Keri has over eighteen years experience in the aesthetic and alternative health industries and has owned several wellness businesses in the Cleveland, Ohio suburbs.

Keri's studies are in the following: skin aesthetics, including medical aesthetics and organic skin care applications; holistic nutrition, dietary theories and alternative culinary applications; colon hydrotherapy digestive support and detoxification; enzyme nutrition; Ayurvedic principles; and Yoga.

Keri not only teaches in these modalities, but has lived and experienced them her entire adult life, having healed herself from chronic fatigue, psoriasis and digestive issues in 2010, and more recently, her struggle and healing from debilitating anxiety disorder.

Today, Keri is ready to teach others what she has learned and support them on their journey towards inner and outer transformation.

Meet Kari

Kari is a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist and life coach based in Maricopa, AZ. She is certified in many modalities, including NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Somatic Experiencing.

Kari also served as a pastor for twenty years in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where she founded a bible college, a regional training center, and a Reggio-inspired preschool. She has traveled extensively in the United States and internationally speaking at conferences and facilitating personal healing sessions.

Kari has been married for 41 years and, along with her husband Mike, are creating a life that they love.

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